If your legal problem is complicated or involves a huge amount of money (e.g a car accident or a personal injury claim), it would be better to get the assistance of a lawyer. Lawyers do more than provide legal advice. In a nutshell, they provide strategic recommendations and apply complex technical skills to legal problems. Ideally, you should find a lawyer who's willing to serve as your legal advisor to help you educate yourself to an optimum extent and to take over as your formal legal counsel only if completely needed.


Looking for good local Farah & Farah law firm who can efficiently help with your specific problem may not be simple. Don't expect to locate a good lawyer by just searching in the phone book or seeing an advertisement. There is insufficient information in these sources to help you make a good judgment. Here are some of the best tips to remember when you are looking for a good local law firm

Conduct a background check

Before choosing any lawyer, contact the disciplinary agency in your state to verify that the lawyer is in good standing as a member of the bar. Check the online listing of each state's lawyer disciplinary agency. You should always confirm references, particularly if you found the attorney through the Internet. You can also assess a lawyer's peer review ratings online. Peer review ratings offer an objective indication of a lawyer's ethical standards and professional skills, produced from evaluations of lawyers by other members of the bar and the judiciary. To know more about lawyers, visit

Narrow Down Your List of Prospective Lawyers

Bar associations, lawyer referral websites, and third-party websites are important resources that will help you gather a list of names of attorneys who might be a good match. However, how you can narrow that list to just one lawyer? Here are some of the most important things to look at


Look at biographical information and law firm websites. Do your prospective lawyers appear to have expertise and experience in the area of law you require?

What kind of clients does each attorney represent? Check the lawyer's profile and client list. If this is not available online, you can call the lawyer's office and ask.

If you have special needs (e.g the ability to speak in a language other than English), look into whether the lawyer is capable of providing this.

Comparison Shopping


Before you schedule an initial consultation, do some "comparison shopping." Call each Farah & Farah lawyer and ask questions that might help you make your decision. Look into the lawyer's experience and when he or she last handled a similar case. Ask if he can meet with you once free of charge before you make your final decision.